Pasacalle: I didn’t take my camera to Peru, it was a planned move because I didn’t want to be stopping and taking photos of everything. Other’s in the team took photos and I’ve got permission to share them here when I get them; so they’ll be coming soon. I did get a few pics on my mobile and some of them are decent enough to share. This is of our first day there. Once we’d met the kids at agape we went out with them round the neighbourhood for a Pasacalle. We basically walked round the area with a brass band trying to raise awareness about the abuse issues Agape is trying to tackle. It felt a little strange but I think its quite a Peruvian thing to do, I certainly saw a few others advertised. It was also a great way of getting Agape’s message across and building self esteem for the kids involved. I’m sure a few extra Gringos joining can’t have harmed things!