Although this is an old tradition, Lord,
My desire is to give up the things that are important to me.
Allow me to express my love for you, Lord, and develop the passion to follow You no matter what.
During this season I will give up the things that matter to me the most –
The”gods” of my life that I feel I cannot do without.
…And I will do this to sharpen my senses to Your Spirit, to tune my ear to Your utterances without any interruptions from my heart, mind or stomach.
I am your disciple:
May my lifestyle express my allegiance to Your ways.

Carl Tinnion – Rhythms of Prayer for a modern world.

I love Carl Tinnion’s little book of prayers and have been carrying it around with me for a while now to use whenever I have a quiet moment.

Lent began on Wednesday, at Church we celebrated with the traditional ashing.
For me, the journey through Lent is really about making space for more of God to grow in my life as I prepare for Easter.

One way we’ll be doing that at Church is holding a simple service of prayer at 7pm Monday-Thursday for the next few weeks.

Have a good Lent!