Woo yeah alright!

I don’t often post God-tastic stories like this, partly because I don’t want to appear to be showing off or anything. To be honest though the other reason is because I quite like coming off all sophisticated and urbane here so stick to nice tunes and pictures because they’re safer (cooler?)

Anyway enough of my issues, here’s the story.

For a while right now I’ve felt challenged to step up the amount I pray for people who are unwell and expect God to heal them. This is something that has been bubbling around at our Church for a few years now, but a few of us have been feeling it a bit more strongly recently.

So I’ve been trying to put myself in places where I’m likely to see some breakthrough in this whole area of Christian life; I’ve been offering to pray for people when they say their sick. At Church we’ve just started running a half hour of prayer for people who want healing every Thursday at 7, so I’ve also been coming along to them and helping out/praying whenever I can.

I’d started to see God do some cool things, but was beginning to get a bit discouraged about it all, like it wasn’t really working. But last week two different people that I’d been praying for came to talk to me and said that God had healed them of long term conditions. Woo Hoo! Nice one God.

As is often the case though, the guys I train are getting the even cooler stories. One of them was speaking to a friend in America over Skype. Another friend came into the room (over there) and said she was feeling ill. So the guy (over here) prays, and she gets better there and then. Transatlantic healing… cool huh!? (Guys who’s story this is, feel free to add a comment and straighten out any details if I’ve got them wrong).

So I’m encouraged to keep going with this. It may be one of the odder bits of my faith, but it works!