Today Jesus,

May I have your eyes,
That see the world from your perspective.
May I have your ears,
That hear those who are crying out in need.
May I have your mouth,
That speaks life and truth into the situations I face.
May I have your arms,
That are willing to carry those who need support.
May I have your hands,
That are willing to serve at all times.
May I have your legs,
That stand firm in the midst of trials.
May I have your feet,
That are willing to go wherever the Spirit leads me.

(Bible reading for the day)

Today, I will wait patiently for you Lord.
I will be brave and courageous, by your grace,
And wait patiently for you.
For I am confident that I will see your goodness,
While I am here in this place.


(The second half of the prayer is taken from Psalm 27)

Morning Liturgy by Dan Friar