Fathers Day and Trinity Sunday

Because it’s Father’s day I’m thinking of and thankful for my amazing Dad who is currently learning how to be a missionary with my Mum in Hawaii.  He is a legend and I’m so proud and grateful for him.

I guess I’m lucky,  I’ve got amazing parents who’ve always worked together to show me how much I’m loved by them and God.  I know that’s not every-one’s experience and today I’m very grateful.

They work together and have always been a partnership to love me and my brothers, and loads of other people who have passed through their lives and our lives. In that they have taught me something of God, who in a far more perfect, more spectacular way is loving relationship.  Today the church remembers that and celebrates the Trinity:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit, working together to love.  I like that the two celebrations are together.  

Now I’m a husband,  and a Dad.  I get to try and model partnership to others. Now I get to reach out and love.  Today that feels like a big challenge but a brilliant one!  

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Thank you for those who have shown us your love.  Draw us further into your perfect relationship, so that we might learn to enjoy you, and better show your love to others.  Amen.