Big news

Ok,  so its time to go public.  Over the summer we shall be leaving Sheffield and moving to Deal in Kent to work for St George’s,  a great church there.  H and I will both be working for the church part-time, while I finish my vicar-school training at St Mellitus in London.  Our job will be to oversee all their work with people under 30,  that’s kids,  youth and young adults and about 200 people in all.  We’ll also be getting involved with their missional communities as well as all the usual church-leadery things.

Of course we’re really sad to be leaving Sheffield,  we’ve spent a big chunk of our lives here and love the place.  We’re especially sad about leaving St Thomas’ Philadelphia and all the brilliant friends that we have made there.  As we look back over the last 13 years we’ve been there we can see that God has done loads on us and through us and we’re very grateful.

We’re also super-excited about this move.  The job and opportunities feel just right for us,  and the people we met when we visited made us feel very welcome!  It helps too that Deal is a beautiful seaside town.

We’re looking for a house to rent there right now,  so don’t have a definite date for moving yet.  Hopefully some time in August.

If you are a pray-er please do be doing that for us – there’s an awful lot to do before we get there, particularly finding a house and getting a school place for our boy.  Thanks.