Dear God, we pray for another
way of being, another way of

Across the difficult terrain of
our existence we have
attempted to build a highway
and in so doing have lost our
footpath. God, lead us to our
footpath. Lead us there where,
in simplicity, we may move at
the speed of natural creatures
and feel the earth’s love
beneath our feet. Lead us
there where, step-by-step, we
may feel the movement of
creation in our hearts. And
lead us there where, side-by-
side, we may feel the embrace
of the common soul. Nothing
can be loved at speed. God,
lead us to the slow path; to the
joyous insights of the pilgrim;
another way of knowing;
another way of being.


Three-Mile-an-Hour-God by Michael Leunig
Church Times – Prayer for the week