Building a Discipling Culture

I love Mike Breen’s books so it is exciting to see that they have just been released in ibook and kindle versions.  I’ve linked to the kindle versions but you can also find them in the Ibook store.

I have found 2 particularly helpful:  

Covenant and Kingdom is an overview of the bible that follows the two threads of Covenant and Kingdom all the way through.  Reading it is just like listening to Mike preach and brings many of the stories and characters to life in new ways.  His teaching on these two themes has been one of the most useful things I’ve encountered over the past few years,  helping resolve so many of those tricky questions I’ve wanted to ask the bible as I’ve picked it up and illuminating what it means to have a relationship with the God who is my loving Father and the ruling King.

Building a Disipling Culture I would call essential reading for anyone interested in learning how to help others become followers,  disciples and missionaries of Jesus. I love this stuff.  I’ve not yet read the new version – will be downloading it soon – and am looking forward to new material on leading huddles.

Go get!