Yesterday got our of first experiences of a big Deal event: the Braderie. It’s basically a big antique/bric a brace street market. Lots of stalls on the streets, loads of people milling about. Fun.

Our new church has become part of the celebrations. On the morning of the market we do our service out in the graveyard, which is right on the high street. It was a good event. Balloons, worship, some simple prayers, a little challenge (where is your treasure?) and then lots of coffee and donuts given out to the bargain hunters.

It was a lot of work for the people organising it, but it was also fun and obviously appreciated. Good public, vibrant celebration and a bit of service to others makes for an excellent witness. Any good conversations or encounters had can be followed up by missional communities or in the upcoming alpha.

Sometimes its good to do these big things.