What’s your favourite worship song – what I meant to say

At church on Sunday night I was asked what my favourite worship song was and I gave a fairly rubbish answer,  something like:

“I love music,  but don’t listen to a lot of worship music.  But I love the song ‘how he loves us’”

Now,  I do love music,  and I do like that song.  But the “I don’t listen to a lot of worship music” is just plain rubbish.  I listen to loads.   There was a time when it might have been true – once upon a time I was fed up of christian / worship music because it all sounded (at least to me) all the same.  I wanted music that stirred me to worship God in words and with creative,  eclectic sounds.

But either worship music has got better, or I’ve got less angsty because now I listen to loads!  I love the passion of Jesus Culture and the way that singing their songs stirs me.  I listen again and again to the big sounds of David Crowder.  I think Rend Collective are brilliant and can’t help smiling when their songs come on the Ipod.  I’m also really enjoying the Worship Central album right now. I have a friend called Trefor who is an amazing singer-songwriter with some brilliant worship songs.  I think Pete’s songs are brilliant; they feel like my songs because I’ve sung them so many times in Sheffield.   All of these musicians help me worship God and I love listening to and singing their songs.  

But I have other worship music too,  made by people who aren’t Christians but whose creativity and music pushed me towards God.  I love the soundscapes of people like Mount Kimbie,  Gold Panda and The Field – they become like a soundtrack to my worshipping and praying life.  I really like James Blake – his songs are so sad and often prompt me to be real with God.  I could go on – I listen to a bit of hip hop,  which often gets me in touch with the angry/justice side of Christianity.  I love Dubstep and Drum and Bass,  which just connects with me at a very deep deep level, for some reason listening to Jazz makes me think of the holy spirit.  I could go on and on.

And all of these are worship songs to me.  Because they help me connect with, talk to,  sing for and maybe even (when no-ones looking) dance before my maker. 

I know it was just a quick question… but that’s what I wish I had said.