For the Dawn

This world is not as it should be.
Darkness reigns, death, exploitation, evil.

Some of us respond by hoarding
possessions, education, resources
with which we construct a barrier
to keep us safe in our own faked Eden.

Even here death stalks waiting
for his moment and strikes
with a sickness here, an accident there.
We’re surprised when it happens,
but darkness reigns.
And all the while it grows within us
as our defences crush brothers and sisters.

Others choose defiance

and rage against the dying light.
Protesters, medics, poets,
teachers, soldiers, pastors,
artists, visionaries, prophets,
they stubbornly declare

“Another world is possible!”

Here’s to them;
The rag tag resistance
And here’s to their homeless King.
He took the darkness full on and cried

“Another world is here!”

I’m with them,
I’m with Him.

Put down the defences.
Join the resistance.
I’m for the dawn.

(I Guess this is kind of an advent prayer that’s been formulating in my head over the last few weeks. Come Lord Jesus!)