Doomed Youth

Watched “Never Let Me Go” last night. Really good film, slow and beautiful to watch but also very sad.

I haven’t seen “The Hunger Games” yet (distance to cinema and need for babysitters means most of our movie watching is on DVD right now) but loved the book when I read it recently.

They are very different stories, but explore some similar themes. Both are centred around youth who are doomed to be chewed up in order to satisfy the needs of the older generations and the state. Perhaps that’s a story that resonates with many today.

Both are also set in dystopian worlds where their is a complete absence of faith or of God. Here super-secular states have normalised acts that should seem barbaric because they are the ultimate authority. Any resonances there?

Finally both explore hope, hopelessness, and love.

But the stories go in very different directions. Hunger Games is a classic holywood tale of rebellion and struggle. Never Let Me Go has none of that, leaving space to meditate on resignation, forgiveness, and kindness.

Both stories have stayed stuck in my mind. Both are great tales!