Imagine has been our missional community for (almost) two years. We started it with a BBQ in October in our garden. I used our new Weber and smoke went everywhere then the sun set and it got dark much quicker than I expected so everyone stumbled around in our unfamiliar garden.

We committed to being a community that showed God’s love to young adults. We also committed to functioning like an extended family to one another.

We ate a lot, went camping a few times, set up a monthly acoustic night, spent a fair bit of time in pubs, read the bible, worshipped and prayed.

A lot of this has happened in our lounge and made it feel a bit like a holy place.

We’ve seen about 45 people be part of it. Some have left to get jobs (praise God) others are students who plug back in over the hols, others are going to carry the vision on after we have gone.

It’s been such a pleasure being part of it and leading it. We’ve loved learning with our community and seeing many of them being profoundly shaped by God as they find somewhere to belong. It’s been amazing seeing some of them discover God for the first time.

Tonight was our final BBQ with the community before we go. Actually it rained all evening so we had barbecue style food cooked inside. Then they all prayed for us as a family. One really cool thing was that for our last night there were new people who we didn’t know, just starting to connect in with what’s going on.

There is cost to being extended-family-on mission. One cost is that it hurts when God calls you to go. But it’s worth it. Being part of a missional community is so much fun!

Imagine, you are collectively and individually amazing! We Askews love you. We’ll be watching how you continue to get better and grow on your adventures with God.