I’m not

“I’m not a youth worker”. For about 10 years that was one of my repeated lines. I was part of a big church where there were other people capable, and better at reaching the young. So I let them do it, and focussed on other things.

Now in a way there’s nothing wrong with that. There is only so much time any of us have and it makes a lot of sense to focus on the things God has called us to, that match our skills and passion.

Except that then God called me to youth work. My wife and I moved churches and our new job involved overseeing youth work. There were still extremely capable people doing the work too, but I was with them, and leading them.

We were there for the last couple of years (just left), and it’s been a blast! I discovered I loved getting to know young people, and seeing God move in their lives, and I realised I was quite good at aspects of it.

I also realised I could have learnt all that earlier, if I’d just not said “I’m not…”

What do you claim you’ll never be? How would you finish the sentence I’m not… ?