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I have been blogging for over a decade. That is a little bit scary. I started writing (after a bit of a false start) in 2003 when I was relatively newly-married, childless and training to be a history teacher. Things have changed a bit since then.

My blogging has always been a bit sporadic, with substantial silent patches. The most recent of these has been quite a long one. Finishing college, moving to Harrogate and starting being a curate kind of interrupted it all and made me re-think whether I wanted to keep writing and if I did what it was about.

Well I do want to keep writing, and I want to write about what I’ve always done which is basically about the things that interest me: God, people and culture. There might be a little bit more God now than there was back in 2003 (actually there was quite a bit back then) and there might be a little less culture (we don’t go out as much now) but there’ll still be a balance of the 3.

I’m using to blog now, mainly because a couple of other blogs I write for use it too and it helps me to keep it all neatly in one place.  Their lovely import feature means the whole of my blogging life is archived on this site.

My blog is definitely a work-in-progress and a sandbox to try out ideas. I may not always agree with myself and certainly aren’t representing official views of anybody else. I’d appreciate discussion, so if you are remotely interested in what I write do comment, correct or feedback.

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