Wine and Weddings

Throughout Lent I am reading through John’s gospel along with a few other people from Kairos.

Today’s reading is the Wedding at Cana from John 2.  I love this story,  It’s good that Jesus is at this party.  I like that he is a bit grumpy with his mum and I love that his first recorded miracle (in John at least) is to produce a lot of wine.

As I read this story today I noticed that Jesus takes over when the party organisers’ efforts have ended.  He makes the miracle when the wine has run out.  But I notice there is still some collaboration required.  He doesn’t just produce the wine from thin air.  He turns the water they already have into wine.

H and I are doing final preperations for a day conference we are helping run tomorrow at Kairos, for us it’s a pretty big deal.  So today I’m praying that Jesus would be at that party too, that the wine one we’ve prepared would go down well (Its a metaphor now, no wine tomorrow people) and that when it’s run out he’d take whatever we have left and turn it into the best.

Actually I’m praying that for a few areas of my life right now: take what I’ve got God, even when it has all run out and turn it into good wine.

If your are reading along in John feel free to add your thoughts below.