Temple Conflict

During Lent I am reading through John with others in Kairos. Occasionally I will post a thought about a passage here.

Todays reading: John 2: 12 – 25

I love the wine-making Jesus of yesterday’s story but to be honest I’m more uncomfortable with the Jesus I see in today’s.

Zealously overturning tables in the temple, refusing to cooperate when asked to back up claims with miracle-action, not trusting people. This guy is hard to follow!

I would be more likely to keep the peace, at very best have a quiet word with a temple administrator about how upsetting I found the market stall.

I would probably scramble to provide some kind of miracle, if I couldn’t get a real one then at least something impressive to keep people on side.

And I would love the praise, the feeling of success when people listened. And would feel dejected when they left later on.

It’s a really good thing I’m not Jesus!

But here is the thing, I know discipleship is becoming more like him, not just taking the bits I’m comfortable with but also, especially, the harder parts. So I know discipleship means becoming more willing to take on conflict, less ready to give people what they want straight away, wiser about what humans are like and how much of my identity I place in their hands.

Today my prayer so simple: Make me more like you Jesus, including in the characteristics I find hard.

What do you find hard about Jesus?
What are you learning this Lent?