Vision and death.

I want to road test an idea.  For a number of reasons doing a lot of thinking and development around leadership and vision right now.

So, tell me what you think about this…

If Jesus calls his disciples, who are also going to become some of his key leaders, to take up their cross and follow him,  then is one of the primary purposes of vision to reveal to us the specific places where we are to lay down our lives and die,  so that he might bring resurrection.

Is that right,  half-right,  really obvious…?

Let me know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Vision and death.”

  1. Hi Ben.
    In my experience that would be half right:
    If “Jesus” is our vision and we are “fixing our eyes” upon him then he will through the Holy Spirit reveal the specific places where we are to ‘lay down our lives and die’ in order that his resurrection life will be lived out in our lives.
    I’m not sure ‘vision’ in terms of what our ‘purpose’ is always reveals those places (although I think the 2 are linked indirectly as a result of following Jesus). Fixing our eyes on Jesus opens us up to his sanctifying work which is a process (kingdom came/come/coming theology).
    If our vision is task oriented (what to do) this in itself cannot lead us to die to self. If our vision is to follow Jesus that will lead us to lay down our lives and die to self. I would define what we mean when we think/talk about vision. The answer depends upon that – hence my thinking the thesis is half right.
    Anyway. I’m rambling now. Hope it helps. Miss chatting!

  2. I think vision and our dreams go together too, when God gives us vision or direction he also knows us well enough to know our dreams. Therefore, the person we want to be and the place we want to be in will be someone and somewhere where we will happily do it. He leads us on a journey (which may not seem easy or right to us all the time) which ends up with us being where he wants us. We just have to take up our cross and be willing to follow & then he will bring resurrection when it’s needed. Don’t know if that makes any sense! Got me thinking though!

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