Night of Prayer

We’re about to embark on another night of prayer at Kairos.  People will be gathering at different times throughout the night to worship and pray.  This is all part of our Feast Weekend, a yearly chance to celebrate what God has done this year as well as listen, discuss, and anticipate what is coming next.

I’m getting excited,  I love nights of prayer.
I like them because functionally they help move us on.  Prayer works and time praying, I am sure, will lead to breakthrough.

I like them because they echo what Christians have done for centuries,  in communities, monasteries, churches and homes,  give up sleep to spend time with Jesus.

But most of all I love them because they are fun.  The feeling when you get up in the middle of the night and are really groggy but then come into this warm, vibrant room , creative room (we do prayer nights in the 24-7 room) where others are seeking God is just brilliant.  In my experience at these times God always shows up.

So I’m getting excited.  Of course there’s also a bit of nerves and reluctance:  Will people turn up? Wouldn’t it be a better idea to stay in bed?  I’m not going to listen to those nags.  I’m going to be expectant.

As I’ve been getting the prayer room ready I’ve found myself thinking of Ps 63 a lot.
God you are my God… Earnestly I seek you… I think of you through the watches of the night…

(picture comes from R3 on tumblr)

I’ve also found myself reminded of the prayer supposedly written by Francis Drake:  Disturb Us Lord.

Both these prayers connect with a theme that God a seems to keep bringing up at Kairos right now:
“There’s more!”

Kairos people,  hope you come and have as much fun as I’m anticipating.
Come along any time between 8am and 8pm.