Undermining Entitlement

My sense of entitlement is one of the things that most often undermines my desire to do good.  

Too often I start to feel that I deserve to be treated better than I have been, or that I have earned the right to some treat of one kind or another.

Too often know that when things are going well I start to think I’m getting what is owed to me. When things don’t go so well I usually just get grumpy.

So how do I undermine the work of entitlement in my life?  I have found these 3 things help:

Gratefulness:  Reminding myself to say thank you, to people,  to God,  to to the bird or tree or sunrise I am enjoying.  Practicing being grateful reminds me that every good thing I have is a gift.

Service:  Choosing to do something simple for someone else,  ideally that won’t be noticed or appreciated,  really helps.  I realised this recently when I was wallowing in a particularly deep “things should be better than this” pit.  Rescue from that particular moment came as I decided to do the washing up.

Generosity:  Giving to others,  especially if it is a little bit costly and might mean I have to give  something up,  really helps.  It begins to move my focus from the ecomony of earning – based on what I get get and hold on to ,  to the economy of grace – freely giving and receiving what comes from God.

How are you overcoming entitlement?