The Mountain Will Fall

“It’s like being at base camp and looking up at an unconquerable mountain; can’t dwell on the difficulty, you have to just start the journey, One step follows the next which leads the way to the next. There will be missteps but as long as the vision is whole, the mountain will fall.”

Like what I’ve been hearing from the new DJ Shadow album, love this quote from him on the creative process.

I found the quote on Pitchfork.

Vision and death.

I want to road test an idea.  For a number of reasons doing a lot of thinking and development around leadership and vision right now.

So, tell me what you think about this…

If Jesus calls his disciples, who are also going to become some of his key leaders, to take up their cross and follow him,  then is one of the primary purposes of vision to reveal to us the specific places where we are to lay down our lives and die,  so that he might bring resurrection.

Is that right,  half-right,  really obvious…?

Let me know your thoughts.