Fragile and Foolish

foolishness notegraphyI’d dearly love to be a big success.  I’d like to make a splash and be noticed,  to make an impact.  I’ve been reminded that God probably has other plans.

Recently a number of different events have reminded me how fragile,  how small and how foolish God’s projects seem.  They can be lost,  or broken, or forgotten quite easily.  They often seem to rely on people like me or like you having good days,  remembering to take responsibility,  not being afraid to state the obvious,  sound stupid or upset a few people.

I’m encouraged that when I look at the stories of Jesus, and of the exploits of his first few followers,  things seem to have been exactly the same. Weakness,  vulnerability,  foolishness were the hallmarks of God’s movement then just as now.

Perhaps we’re more in danger when we try to be sensible or sensational than when we acknowledge frailty.  Perhaps being weak and foolish,  and yet somehow being used by God is exactly what He wants us to be.

In case you are interested,  the bible verse picture was made using Notegraphy.